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A successful state ballot initiative is our greatest hope to transform Colorado from one of the nation’s largest GHG polluters to a global leader in the transition away from fossil fuels and toward a just, thriving, Renewable Energy future.

Let’s protect our land, air, and water and transition to a clean, renewable energy future!

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Phase out new fracking permits in Colorado

Fracking and other oil and gas development in Colorado are only a small fraction of the state’s diverse economy while causing major economic damage to the state and the public.

Fracking in Colorado is also incompatible with healthy communities and a safe climate.

It is time to phase out permitting and plan for a just transition beyond fossil fuels! Sign the support letter calling for a phase out of new permits by 2030, then share it with friends and family.

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Safe & Healthy Colorado relies on volunteers — and by that we mean you. Whatever talent and time you have to give, we need you to join in this vital work to create a better future for Colorado.

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Host a house party

Host a house party and invite over friends, family, and neighbors to talk about the Phase out Fracking ballot initiative! This is a way to get people you know involved in the movement without having to schedule 20 or 100 separate conversations. Utilize our premade House Party Toolkit to plan your party!

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Take action on ozone

Unlike the ozone high in the atmosphere that keeps us safe from the Sun’s rays, ozone at ground level is dangerous. It causes increased hospitalization and death for people with respiratory or cardiac illness, it increases asthma development in children, and it leads to decreased lung function and scarring in people with no previous lung conditions.

Let’s change this. Take a look at these resources and toolkits for spreading the word and getting in touch with the right people.

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Tell Your City, County & State Elected Leaders to Endorse a Phase Out of Fracking!

The oil and gas industry is the largest contributor to the climate crisis and ozone pollution in Colorado. Fracked oil and gas wells leak methane – which is 80 times more potent than CO2 at warming our planet. The UN and the International Energy Agency have both said we need to stop new drilling immediately if we want to keep global temperature rise to 1.5 degree Celsius.

Join us in writing to ask our elected official to support the Safe & Healthy CO ballot initiative to phase out new fracking permits by 2030. Endorsements from your officials will make a huge difference in this effort!

Feel free to use our pre-written message, or edit it and add your own thoughts, ideas, and story if you have time.

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Colorado Leaders - It's Time to Rein in Oil & Gas Fracking Permits!

During this 2023 Legislative Session, let your Colorado Legislators and Gov. Polis know that they need to stop permitting more dangerous oil and gas drilling and fracking projects that harm our health, climate, air, and water.

In addition to being CO’s #1 source of GHG emissions causing global heating, oil and gas production releases dangerous chemicals into the air and water, increasing health hazards for Coloradans.

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