Support the ballot initiative for a gradual phase out of fracking permits in colorado

Current and Former Elected Officials for Phasing Out Fracking

As current and former elected officials, you have a crucial role in shaping the future of Colorado’s citizens.

Despite the oil and gas industry making up a small percentage of Colorado’s economy, it produces a disproportionate environmental and public health burden.

As elected representatives, you are in a unique place to advocate for policies that secure a healthier, sustainable future for our citizens. This is why your support for a ballot initiative to phase out fracking after 2030 in Colorado is so necessary.

Quotes from elected community leaders supporting the ballot initiative

Aaron Brockett

Mayor, City of Boulder

“Boulder has always been a leader in climate action, and we recognize the urgency of reducing fossil fuel use and moving to a renewable energy economy, while also making dramatic improvements in our air quality. Phasing out fracking in Colorado is a critical part of achieving these goals, which is why I am supporting this important ballot initiative.”

Renée Millard-Chacon

Commerce City Council Womxn

“Our window to protect future generations is open now to act with justice and accountability to address environmental racism and heal our Biosphere.”

Stephen Barr

Councilmember District III, City of Littleton

“Coloradans care deeply about their water and their environment. While the fracking industry contributes to the ongoing climate challenges and delays our transition to renewable energy sources, it should be noted that the practice introduces unnecessary risk to local groundwater quality and can put small, rural, and marginalized communities at risk of their drinking water contamination.”

Obi Ezeadi

Westminster City Councilor, Community activist and State Senate Candidate 

“Addressing the climate emergency with bold action is critical for a sustainable and hopeful future.”

Manny Rutinel

Colorado State Representative HD 32

“Supporting Colorado’s commitment to a sustainable future, clean air and water, and the protection of vulnerable communities requires decisive action against the threats of fracking.”

Tracey Bernett

Former Colorado State Representative

“Coloradans have tried for years to stop O&G from polluting our air, water, and land, yet new drilling continues unabated, even in the face of the worsening climate crisis. Fracking is the #1 contributor to the Front Range’s ozone pollution problem, sickening thousands of Coloradans and risking the health of children, the elderly, pregnant women, and anyone who works or plays outdoors.

It’s time we reclaim our right to a healthy and sustainable environment. The climate can’t wait. Nor can we!”

Geoff Grimmer

Town of Eagle Councilmember

“Fracking for energy is obsolete as renewables flood the electric market. 2030 is a perfect target for Colorado and fits well with the Town of Eagle’s Net Zero 2030 goal.”

Crystal Gray

Former Deputy Mayor Boulder City Council

“I stand with the many young parents, minority community members, Indigenous tribal members and climate activists who have been testifying and raising awareness that it is time to curtail fossil fuels. Enough is enough and Colorado has plenty of approved gas wells that have never been drilled. Now is the time to take action!”


John Clark

Mayor, Town of Ridgway

“We need all hands on deck to address the climate crisis. Now is the time for action.”

Greg Poschman

Pitkin County Commissioner

“It is time to reduce fossil fuel extraction and make the transition to renewable energy production and storage. It is up to our generation to reverse the existential catastrophe of increasing carbon emissions.”

More current and former elected officials endorsing the ballot initiative

Anne Brown

San Miguel County District 1, County Commissioner

Ashley Stolzmann

Boulder County Commissioner

Elyse Hottel

Basalt Town Councilor

Judy Amabile

Colorado State Rep. HD 49

Karen Wagner

former Larimer County Commissioner

Julie Pignataro

Fort Collins City Council, District 2

Jacki Marsh

Mayor, City of Loveland

Francie Jacober

Pitkin County Commissioner

Nicole Speer

Councilmember, City of Boulder

Paloma Delgadillo

Ward 2 Council Member, Broomfield

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