Phasing out new permits for oil and gas is necessary and feasible. 

A new report shows Colorado’s oil and gas industry is merely a fraction of Colorado’s diverse economy and has immense costs to the public.

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—courtesy of Colorado Fiscal Institute

Watch this video to learn how oil and gas fracking is fueling the flames for more intense wildfires in Colorado!

fracking well

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We are a grassroots, volunteer-led coalition of Coloradans working toward a safer, healthier future.

Colorado can’t wait. Doctors and scientists agree, to protect the health and safety of our families, we need to move beyond fracking. Pollution from these wells increases our risk of birth defectscancer, and lung disease. The more fracking Colorado allows, the dirtier our air and water become, the more our planet overheats creating suffering through more wildfires, droughts and storms, and the slower we are able to transition to a new, clean, revitalized economy.

We are committed to working toward a just transition to clean energy in Colorado: a future that ensures our health and safety and protects us from the dangers of oil and gas fracking and development. We are organizing for solutions that will clean up the air and water, protect communities that have been harmed disproportionately by fracking and other pollution, help industry workers and dependent communities transition, and stop pouring climate-heating greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.

We are organizing to phase out new fracking permits by 2030 and to curtail fracking right away during ozone season and in heavily polluted areas. Please join our efforts and take action now!

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